Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I thought: the worst always seems to be the best.

Today I heard that Richard Hugo, the poet, apologized, much later, for bombing the poet Charles Simic when he was a child during World War II in Belgrade.

“Which came first: The Revolutionary War or the Civil War? 30% of Americans say: it doesn’t matter” I think I heard today on the radio but it is hard to say because I was driving the way I drive.

Today I decided there is another way to write a poem: write a really really long poem and then chop out the worst stanza and throw away the rest and that will be that.*

Today I thought: even though it doesn’t seem possible, James Taylor still sings like he has hair.

Today I realized even though I have seen CASABLANCA a hundred times, I always forget to ask where Paul Henreid got that scar on his face, and whether or not it is actually there in all of his other movies because I don’t remember.

Today I thought, FASCINATING RHYTHM is the song that makes me think that the Gershwins weren’t geniuses, but then I hear BESS YOU IS MY WOMAN NOW and I think the Gershwins were geniuses in spite of the fact that they also wrote FASCINATING RHYTHM.

Speaking of geniuses, Charles Simic won the MacArthur Genius Grant and he mispronounces the word 'assuage.'

Today I admitted that whenever Tony Bennett says: DANCE! on his records, I get up and start dancing no matter what I happen to be doing at the time.

*TODAY'S WORST STANZA: ...It doesn’t change the fact, though, that if we go to Biscayne Boulevard it could be difficult to get any real sun as long as we are there, depending upon how long you decide to throw harmonicas at me, and whether or not one hits me hard enough to hurt me quite gravely. Still, Biscayne Boulevard is so close to my house, which has a nice pool and a tennis court, and I could sun myself before I go to Biscayne Boulevard to meet you, or should I say, to meet your harmonicas.

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