Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Meet me at the monkey cage at the zoo
near where the orangutans mate almost
constantly because I will kill myself otherwise

the good news is when you arrive
I will ask you to marry me if you
will forgive me for telling you

that I was married when I wasn’t
and I know that it’s not the most
greatest place in the world to ask
you to share your life with me
but when you think about it, it is

because I always thought that’s what
you like best about me, my lying,
my unusual choices, the sound

of the Neal Hefti Orchestra that
follows my wherever we go
when we are together and would
certainly go away if we were to
part not to mention my lust

for ‘me being me’ as a bonus
to everything else already
detailed quite thoroughly above
and performed in haste in the zany
style of the day (1965) which is now très
gone, très dead, très forgotten, not alive

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