Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Never tell a girl on a date that you speak Spanish because she might say “Let’s go to Spain!” and pull out her wallet which is filled with thousand dollar bills.
A collection of flowers left on a grave in tissue paper
looks like a cigarette if the flowers are not fancy
like red carnations but if they are fancy like red roses
they don’t look like a cigarette and still, people smoke
and give other people roses and love it’s a sunny day again
at the graveyard
They say that something can either be unique or not unique but something cannot be kind of unique but I don’t think that’s true. There are a million things that I could list for you that are kind of unique, although really they are unique until you find something that is kind of like them, at which point they became kind of.  Even unique things are not unique we know for sure that they are, and when do we know that? Never. So we must accept the fact that unique things might be unique or might not be unique, and common things might be unique or no, wait a minute, common things are unique at all.

I have a large bowl of M & Ms on my coffee table and the sun is shining down on them and they are all so beautiful.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I am loving the bass more and more as time goes on and I am enjoying the act of learning it, even though I am not using a real bass (or two real basses here) when I play.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

When the violinist enters the stage, everyone in the audience trusts that he actually plays the violin. The other musicians trust that he can play the violin. The conductor trusts that he can play the violin. The violinist isn’t sure if he can play the violin, but he thinks that it would be fun to try now that everyone is so quiet. Then somebody coughs.

The oilskin was once made of sailcloth and a thin layer of tar.
Then canvas duck and linseed oil.
The words of another century are so beautiful
as they take you by the arm and say
let’s get out of the rain.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The only gift you gave me was an eagle
with a single blonde hair in its talons
It could be yours. It could be mine.
Let's just say it's ours. Let's the two of us
safe under these wings, go somewhere new.


Friday, April 08, 2016

Tonight there will be a deep freeze.
Take care to cover your hydrangeas.
There also will be snow in Pennsylvania.
And dancing bears in Alaska.

This afternoon I will be busy buying hydrangeas.
Because I like to cover things and live a life of secrecy.
I mean, they do. Until it’s warm.
And they don’t.

When I buy goats, which I do
I feed them to the doctors
because of what the doctors do
to the goats. It’s a long story.

From a movie I saw which was quite good:
let me tell you all about it.

An entrepreneur,  his unraveling.
His wife who loved him living
in their crumbling mansion.

His son who shot himself in the living room.
The people who believed and then didn’t.

After the movie, we had a hamburger.
And listened to quiet Beethoven.
It wasn’t frozen yet.

We quietly pulled up to where we were
and before you went away
you shone the light on my door
so I could see where to put the key

And so I put the key there
and then I said I think I’ll stay here
and then I stayed there forever
and then I left

The hardest book in the world to read
is one about a man who gets beaten to death
and he is talented and wonderful
and loving and kind, a little crazy
but sweet and gentle and goofy
and the book is 220 pages

perhaps you should read
Treasure Island instead

Treasure Island is
somewhat shorter


Friday, April 01, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two branches in the crab apple tree 
entwined like lovers 
This entwining took years 
and years to accomplish, like lovers
who are together for years and years 
but still don’t fight but
instead, entwine.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Robert Mitchum’s torso was shaped like a top.
And when he was young, it was easy to explain
what his torso looked like if someone asked you.
“It looks like a top.” When he was young, everyone
played with tops. Even little boys with small chests.

But by the time Robert Mitchum died. nobody played
with tops. But people no longer asked about his
chest. They would ask questions like: “How did
Robert Mitchum die?” Which is harder to answer.
Everyone dies in their own peculiar way.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sean Connery's voice used without Sean Connery's permission.

There is a chalet for rent that sleeps six. I am wondering if there is a difference between how many people can live in a chalet and how many people can sleep in a chalet. Which one is more? I think there are more alive than asleep. Or I mean, there can be. Do people sleep on the floor in chalets?

I have a few other questions:

The chalet a cascading waterfall. Or is near one. Are all waterfalls cascading waterfalls? What are they when they stop cascading or perhaps when they rest? Is it another word? Is it lake or river or perhaps rio, like in Spanish?

The chalet has spectacular sunrises. Does it have spectacular sunsets and is the house spectacular in the rain and I always think snow is spectacular and fog too but I hate muggy days.

The chalet has a wraparound porch and a small table with two glasses of pink wine on it. Who drank some of this wine and then left? Was there a fight and did somebody scream and say something bad? I am so glad they didn't break the glasses. The wood on the porch is shiny and fresh.

This house is called a chalet. Why?

What is a chalet? Someone told me: they are from Switzerland. Are they really from Switzerland?

Is it hard to speak French?




Are chalets a good place to learn Hebrew in Switzerland?

Was this chalet ever on a boat from Switzerland?

The chalet has a pebble driveway. I have no questions about that.

Wait. Yes I do. Do people like pebbles?

All people?

Old people?

How old are you now?

That’s a nice dress.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

If you stand side by side with someone you can put your arm around their waist and stare out the window and say I love you and they won’t hear it

as long as it is a busy restaurant with waiters who clumsily drop things like glasses and trays

and so you are safe as long as you don’t want them to hear it but do you want them to hear it

you better decide because I see a waiter coming and he is carrying a humongous tray of chicken alfredo and he is looking out the window and he has a mustache
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