Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two branches in the crab apple tree 
entwined like lovers 
This entwining took years 
and years to accomplish, like lovers
who are together for years and years 
but still don’t fight but
instead, entwine.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Robert Mitchum’s torso was shaped like a top.
And when he was young, it was easy to explain
what his torso looked like if someone asked you.
“It looks like a top.” When he was young, everyone
played with tops. Even little boys with small chests.

But by the time Robert Mitchum died. nobody played
with tops. But people no longer asked about his
chest. They would ask questions like: “How did
Robert Mitchum die?” Which is harder to answer.
Everyone dies in their own peculiar way.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sean Connery's voice used without Sean Connery's permission.
There is a chalet for rent that sleeps six. I am wondering if there is a difference between how many people can live in a chalet and how many people can sleep in a chalet. Which one is more? I think there are more alive than asleep. Or I mean, there can be. Do people sleep on the floor in chalets?

I have a few other questions:

The chalet a cascading waterfall. Or is near one. Are all waterfalls cascading waterfalls? What are they when they stop cascading or perhaps when they rest? Is it another word? Is it lake or river or perhaps rio, like in Spanish?

The chalet has spectacular sunrises. Does it have spectacular sunsets and is the house spectacular in the rain and I always think snow is spectacular and fog too but I hate muggy days.

The chalet has a wraparound porch and a small table with two glasses of pink wine on it. Who drank some of this wine and then left? Was there a fight and did somebody scream and say something bad? I am so glad they didn't break the glasses. The wood on the porch is shiny and fresh.

This house is called a chalet. Why?

What is a chalet? Someone told me: they are from Switzerland. Are they really from Switzerland?

Is it hard to speak French?




Are chalets a good place to learn Hebrew in Switzerland?

Was this chalet ever on a boat from Switzerland?

The chalet has a pebble driveway. I have no questions about that.

Wait. Yes I do. Do people like pebbles?

All people?

Old people?

How old are you now?

That’s a nice dress.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

If you stand side by side with someone you can put your arm around their waist and stare out the window and say I love you and they won’t hear it

as long as it is a busy restaurant with waiters who clumsily drop things like glasses and trays

and so you are safe as long as you don’t want them to hear it but do you want them to hear it

you better decide because I see a waiter coming and he is carrying a humongous tray of chicken alfredo and he is looking out the window and he has a mustache

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sometimes people say, “Don’t whine!” But ever since I was a little boy, whenever I heard the word “whine” I thought of rope, and I didn’t know why. Whine, rope, rope, whine. Then one day I realized that rope is something that you can hang yourself with, and that I realized was the connection, and I haven’t thought about rope ever since.


Dogs are the most empathetic of animals, although their coats won’t change to match yours when they realize the source of your sorrow. Humans can be the least empathetic of animals, and they often change coats but their new coats don’t match anything that makes them feel sorrow but they are not thinking about that because perhaps there is a movie they want to see or a show or a new dinner restaurant or anything at all, just so they can get out and stop everything.


Ever since I saw my first ice cube in a glass of soda, I wanted to go to Antarctica. It’s because I saw this beautiful ice cube in my glass and I said WOW and someone else, I forget who exactly, said: “That’s nothing. You should see Antarctica.”

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hello, Faye.

I love you much. Every day.

I want to go from rooftop
restaurant to thrift store
to sunset to car accident

back to sunset wait no
back to thrift store to
sunrise to pancakes

to true love
to sleep

in an airplane
going to

with my
my sweet

in a

The Donut Shop is opening in February.
And now it is March.
The March after the February.
In which the Donut Shop opened.

I intend to wait until it opens again.
In order to visit it.
In this case “It” refers to my heart.

Because it is not opened presently.
As is the Donut Shop.  With many donuts.
In the Donut Shop. My heart.

It will be open again in February.
Much like the Donut Shop.
I pray.
My heart.

If not.
There is always.
The Donut Shop.
With many donuts.

Here I am.
With knocks.
In my hand.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Passion of Joan of Arc

I finally saw this a few nights ago. One of the most extraordinary films I have ever seen. Pauline Kael said Falconetti's performance "might have been the finest performance ever recorded on screen" while Roger Ebert said "You cannot know the history of silent film unless you know the face of Renee Maria Falconetti."

I think they are both right but I am just a guy in the audience!

"The original version was lost for decades after a fire destroyed the master negative and only variations of Dreyer's second version were available. In a1981, an employee of the Dikemark Hospital mental institution in Oslo found several film canisters in a janitor's closet that were labeled as being The Passion of Joan of Arc. The canisters were sent to the Norwegian Film Institute where they were first stored for three years until finally being examined. It was then discovered that they were Dreyer's original cut prior to government or church censorship. There were never any records of the film being shipped to Oslo, but film historians believe that the then director of the institution may have requested a special copy since he was also a published historian."

Poor Falconetti actually was mentally ill. She died by her own hand, after having been institutionalized on a number of occasions.

Friday, March 04, 2016

My parents used to say: “Why buy a computer? It’s just a fancy, overpriced typewriter.”

Here is a partial list of other fancy things that my parents chose not to buy:

Can Openers
Record Players
Bubble Gum
Plasma TV
When I saw him plug his phone into a lemon, I called him right away but he didn’t answer. I think there was a little lemon in his eye from the poking. If he had answered, that’s all he could have told me, because I spoke to him just an hour ago, and he told me everything, and he said he was about to go to the grocery store to buy lemons and cake flour and soda pop and an extra lemon.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

There are now 103 musical pieces posted at this site, for as long as the beloved SOUNDCLOUD exists. These pieces are complete and then some are what you would call incomplete! I hope you like them. Please say hello.

I walked into the office and I smelled something strange, like lollipops. Everyone loves lollipops, but there are places they don’t belong. Caskets, for instance. Lollipops do not belong near caskets, and certainly not in caskets.

Offices are fine for lollipops. It was just a bit of a surprise. But then, lollipops are often a surprise.

I made good on my promise and I finally went to the waffle shop. I didn’t know anyone there but they were all quite friendly. I ordered the $3 waffles and the cook thought I had said “I want 3 waffles” and so he made me 3 waffles on his griddle. The waitress said He can’t eat 3 waffles by himself and by then I couldn’t say I wanted 1 waffle not 3 even though I did and so I said Yes I really can and I ate 3 waffles and she smiled and was really impressed and the chef was impressed also but he didn’t smile because he was hot next to the big iron griddle and  I made 2 new friends that day and was sick to my stomach but I like to say that this was not due to 3 waffles but due to angst which I often feel when I have so few friends and start to worry about things and feel like I could use a friend but wait I just made 2 friends that day so perhaps it was not angst at all perhaps it was 3 waffles.
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