Saturday, March 07, 2009


–like young lovers strolling dizzily down the Champs–Élysées in a cloud of toujours l'amour* but not buying anything because the shops along Champs-Élysées are so darn expensive and the stuff is not really as nice as things you might find in Le Marais which is frankly cooler and trendier and...where was I?

Oh yes. MAKE IT WAVY is available this month for nothing. Yes, a prix fixe of nada, as it were.

Please feel free to download it, print it, and PLEASE comment &/or star it on the lulu site if you like–in a kind and loving way–like lovers strolling, etc.

It's 75 pages and it is shiny and orange and it's just big enough that you can use it as sort of a makeshift umbrella if it starts to rain really suddenly out of nowhere. Cut and paste:

Sincerely toujours,

Crispy Flotilla

* a great song by Procol Harum

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