Thursday, March 12, 2009



Like the ancient Chinese, I am drawing a picture of a fungus. 

It is an artful enterprise. 

An artful enterprise that I love dearly. 

I am glad to be this person before you.

On with the pen and the brush and the scalpel. 

No jade-just me and utensils.

I work tirelessly-if you can call it work-it is not. 

It is recess with a large serving of soul.

They say that what you resist, you become. 

Well, I am not resisting this fungus. 

I am embracing it. 

And I am drawing it. 

I am drawing it with love in my heart.

I am not very good at drawing fungus. 

I like to tell the truth.

And I am swinging.

And I like to practice things.

Come here, fungus!

The fungus makes a face at me.

The fungus is making little poopy noises.

Fungus du mal!

The fungus is scampering away!

It is resisting me!

The next thing you know, the fungus has become me.

Any way you look at it, I am a fungus.

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