Sunday, March 15, 2009


In anticipation of our Berliner • Sarsaparilla Books Release Fiesta, all Crispy Flotilla books are now available as free downloads until the day of the event, exclamation mark.

Just click on the link for any of the 20 books listed to the right (AGE OF ANXIETY, BEE STINGS, etc.) and then click 'Download' and the book will be transfered to your desktop and you can either read or print it according to your wishes.

A request (well, three):

If you do download, I encourage you to review or star the book on the site or send a note to me at this address regarding the book–if you like the book or books, that is. If you don't, please send me a note to that effect and I will come to your house and play Claire de Lune on your piano. If you do not have a piano, I will of course buy you one.

OH. And tell your friends about this. And buy copies if you want to, of course. And come to the party, when it happens.

Crispy Flotilla

A few notes:

• The quality of the artwork will depend on the paper and printer – it might not appear as it does on the screen for that reason. The words, however, will remain the same!

• The books come in a variety of sizes (none are larger than 8 1/2" x 11" though.) If you are feeling ambitious, you can cut them to size after printing, and bind them in any manner you see fit (bind, please, but do not gag.)

Request count: 6


ex tee ex said...

crispin best said to come here.

i dont know anything about you. but if you made that artwork at the top of this page, then part of you has obviously touched God.

Tortilla ex Machina said...

Why, thank you Crispin Best & Ex Tee Ex – I mean, if you do like it (do you?) If so, I hope you have had a chance to download a few of the works on the site – although there is little to no art (other than the covers) and except for NEW MUSHROOMS. If you don't, oh my, I am a little embarrassed to have said the above...


mistivelvet said...

Fred, yes. Comments Without Cosmos, yes. Will read others later as time permits. You are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

ex tee ex said...

yes. i like it. it is amazing.
it shames my eyes. they are not worthy.

Molly Gaudry said...

I, too, found you after Crispin sent me your way. I've been meaning to tell you that for some time now.

A free piano, eh?

Tortilla ex Machina said...


1) No fair, Molly! You're not supposed to read the entire note, you're supposed to skim!

2) Yes, a piano! (shipping not included!)

3) A metaphorical piano, of course. I will send you the music of the spheres, rendered pianolisciously.

4) My mother's name is Piano.

5) My next book will be called, according to my publisher, PIANO.

OK. That's all I've got.

Man, this Crispin guy is really nice. He tells people about me.


PS – give WARDROBE a spin or COMMENTS WITHOUT COSMOS. As the downloads are free, it will make it easier to save up for that piano that you keep talking about.


Sr. Flotilla

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