Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Today I read a poem about Bonegas and I thought to myself ‘What is Bonegas?’ and then I went back and read it again and it was ‘Boogas’ this time and so I thought to myself ‘What is Boogas?’

Today I saw Ingrid Bergman fighting the Nazis while traveling in a luxurious yellow Rolls Royce in 1964 and last week I saw her fighting Nazis without a car in France in 1942.

Today I tried to make a mess with Indian ink and I couldn’t; I could only make perfectly round black orbs and blobs. Lord knows I tried but I couldn’t.

Today I read a poem by William Carlos Williams that I didn’t understand about “your voice whose cello notes upon the theme have led me to the music” and I thought that William Carlos Williams was supposed to be easy.

Today I wondered if I were married to a woman who suddenly became a cello if I would stay married to her. Probably not.

Today I thought that I should confess more things.

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