Wednesday, May 06, 2009

LP RPMS from MAYBE WAVY (1998)

The man who invented the LP couldn’t stand very elegantly and didn’t smile when people took pictures of him.

One day a man took a picture of him and he was next to a 8 foot stack of 78 RPMs and he was holding an equivilent amount of music under his arm in the form of 33 1/3 RPMs long playing records and he had a pen clipped in his jacket breast pocket. He also looked as if he were perhaps tapping his foot.

The first LP was Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, and it was there, somewhere in his little stack. The first recording EVER was Edison’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a foil-covered cylinder which fell apart real quickly but I don’t think that this was in either the 78 or the 33 1/3 stack because they appear to be classical music repertoire only and besides, the original fell apart. Fell apart. I love to say that. Mary Had a Little Lamb fell apart. Dr. Peter Goldmark no longer stands next to stacks of 78s in an inelegant fashion; he is dead now. He fell apart. I wonder if his mother could stop him from crying when he was a little baby by singing Mary Had a Little Lamb before she, then he, fell apart. They fell apart.

They did.


Ed Baker said...

I used to have one of these
crank-up phonographs... mine was an EDISON... the horn was not this fancy.

reading your stuff here for first time.. delightful a pleasant discovery for me.

cheers, Ed

Tortilla ex Machina said...

Thank you, Ed. I do adore all stuff old (and maybe write too much about the lives of old timey things) – please feel free to download any of the listed – MAYBE WAVY is the latest, and girthiest (479 pgs) – probably best for you to make sure this download keeps its distance from your printer!

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