Saturday, May 09, 2009


Today I felt heartened that William McKinley broke with tradition and sat next to Ida Mckinley at state functions and dinners so that he could cover her face with a hankerchief or napkin if she suffered from a seizure which she did ever since the loss of her two children and the hankerchief saved her from being embarrassed which is a very kind and loving thing to do for your wife I think and I also wonder why more people don’t mention The McKinleys when they talk about great loves that are out there in history and I imagine it is because they didn’t appear really glamorous or much like movie stars but Ida McKinley had a fascinating face and William McKinley certainly loved his wife in a really big way and love in a big way certainly seems glamorous to me, although it is true that he wasn’t very glamorous-looking if that matters which is does sometimes, sad but true.

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