Saturday, January 05, 2013


Some people say that dogs make you less lonely.
But all the dogs that I have owned were so lonely.
I shouldn’t admit this, but I am not a very good companion.

People say that. Too often, I feel. Clearly, I should not own
a dog, for the sake of the dog. But if my dogs could talk, 
they wouldn’t say that. They would never say that. 
It doesn’t matter if it’s true.

Dogs are fiercely loyal. Even the loneliest of dogs 
would rather die than be disloyal. Actually, lonely dogs 
don’t say it, but lonely dogs would rather die all the time.

from DOTS, released soon.

(I don't read this out anymore. It seemed to upset people.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some dogs are just lazy and sleep 22 hours a day, giving the appearance of gloom. You're a very good companion, Ricky, when you're not being gloomy. I think you're projecting your gloominess onto the dog. He/she was fine, really.

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