Sunday, January 20, 2013


Rolling in at 8 is the lamentably short-lived website, THE LAST SUPPER CLUB, which lasted, it seems, less than a year, but in that short space of time told of the last meals and moments of some fairly intriguing celebrities - Ernest Hemingway, Jim Morrison, Houdini, James Dean, Bela Lugosi, Epicurus(?!!) with short but poignant (and I don't use that word casually) recaps of their lives.

Do they also share the recipes for the last meals of the departed? They do. With one exception: the strikingly un-voodoo chile dinner of Jimi Hendrix: tuna fish on white bread, white wine and Vesperax. This one you have to figure out for yourself.

CODA: the James Dean tale led me to the website for Villa Capri, his favorite (and last) restaurant in Hollywood, where due to his natural shyness, they had a "table" reserved for him in the kitchen. I thought: wouldn't it be nice to have dinner there someday, and eat like the rebel without a cause – Dinner Salad with Italian Vinaigrette, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Tiramisu and Espresso? 

Sadly, the locale was bulldozed in 1995. We can remember it through the following website, still active:

Apparently, it was a favorite of Frank's, too.

THE CRISPIES are an annual appreciation of 10 of the most wonderful things discovered over the course of the previous year, having been produced or created any time at all.

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