Friday, January 25, 2013


Watching Art Blakey playing with or against Ginger Baker in 1973 is a little like watching your parents argue, only fun.

These are truly two of my favorite musicians on the planet and I say 'planet' because who knows where Art really is today and we do know that Ginger is still on the planet but far away, really, from me and my friends and therefore I think "somewhere on the planet."

I wonder how many minutes of my life I spent watching this little video. I wonder how many more I will spend watching it in years to come. It can't be too many. How could it be too many.

There is no better and worse, only more Art and less Ginger, more Ginger and less Art. Isn't is nice that they have such names. And isn't it nice that it went from smoldering something or other to love or something here on film in 1973, sort of.

Soon enough the long awaited documentary BEWARE OF MR. BAKER will be out for all to see. I can't wait. And I think the title is probably excellent advice.

THE CRISPIES are an annual appreciation of 10 of the most wonderful things discovered over the course of the previous year, having been produced or created any time at all.

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