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Last night I sat and stared at Lana Cantrell's 1969 album THE SIXTH OF LANA. It's such a great title and such a great look. I thought: if only I could somehow bring in JMW Turner, that delightful 18th century English landscaper painter of whale ships and man overboards, then I could somehow marry the two off and Lana Cantrell could not only go whaling but would also be Lana Turner.

The problem, as you might have guessed, is that I had no idea who did the photography for the Lana Cantrell album, THE SIXTH OF LANA.

Enter, the internet!

Now, thanks to a delightful little site called http://compujer.com/lps/framethree.php, I not only know that some guy named Skrebneski photographed the very Lana Cantrell for THE SIXTH OF LANA, but also that Corky McCoy did the cover art for Miles Davis' ON THE CORNER.

And there's more! Look it:

Album Catalog

1. Beck Mellow Gold 1994 art direction/design: Robert Fisher. photos: Ross Harris & John Skalickey. Last Man After Nuclear War built by Eddie.

2. Johnny Winter Saints & Sinners 1974 cover design: John Berg and Karen Lee Grant. photo: Bill Metz.

3. Basement Jaxx Remedy 1999 CD cover includes impossible to scan foil lettering.

4. Porter Wagoner The Carroll County Accident1969.

5. Fergie The Dutchess 2006 photos: Ellen Von Unwerth. package design/illustration: Julian Peploe.

6. Bryan Ferry As Time Goes By 1999

7. Future Sounds of London Lifeforms 1994 art: Future Sounds of London.

8. The Beatles Hey Jude 1970

9. Marv Herzog Marv Herzog's World of Polkas & Waltzes

10. St. Etienne Fox Base Alpha 1991 sleeve design: Anthony Sweeney. photos: Joe Dilworth. Girl with sign: Celina Nash.

11. REM Reckoning 1984 art: Howard Finster.

12. Regular 2003 oil painting by John F. Kieltyka from the series "Master of None". This Seattle singer/songwriter was my old painting teacher at Univ. of Colorado.

13. REM Automatic For the People art & design: Tom Recchion, Michael Stipe. computer imaging: Cecil Juanarena, Insight Communications. photos: Anton Corbijn & Frederick Nilsen.

14. Lou Reed Street Hassle 1978.

15. Radiohead Kid A 2000 art: Stanley Donwood and Tchock. Radiohead font: Buro Bestruct of Bern Switzerland. NOTE: I think that "Bestruct" is a typo.

16. Radiohead OK Computer 1997 pics: Stanley Donwood & the White Chocolate Farm/the Whole Hog.

17. Radiohead The Bends 1995 Stanley Donwood & the White Chocolate Farm/Green Ink.

18. Portishead 1997 design: Sarah Sherley-Price. photos: Marc Bessant.

19. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 1973 photos: Tony May and Strom Thorgerson. NOTE: in the mid 1980s I met a guy at a record show who bragged about paying $300 or so for this LP that had the spectrum colors reversed.

20. Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite and Piano Concert No. 1

21. Papa M Live from a Shark Cage 1999 photo by Valery Yakushev from a wall in the "Park of Culture" subway station in Moscow.

22. Pavement Spit on a Stranger1999

23. Orb Orblivion 1997 cover: Madark, London and LX.

24. Beth Orton Trailer Park1996 photos: Ellen Nolan. design: Negativespace.

25. Orb UFOrb 1992 orl orb design featuring Phil Wollenholme's pixel-pip fantasy.

26. Flaming Lips At War with the Mystics 2006 design/layout: George Salisbury (who is particle?). painting possibly by Wayne Coyne.

27. Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 2002 design/layout: George Salisbury (who is particle?).

28. Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin 1999 design/layout: George Salisbury (who is particle?).

29. Air Talkie Walkie 2004 art: Richard Prince/Aaron Klein at Ultimate Image NYC. photo: Claude Gassian.

30. Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle 1979.

31. Analog Cabin

32. The Aquabats The Fury of the Aquabats 1997 artwork by Parker Jacobs. layout & design: Jim Spizzirri & Parker Jacobs.

33. Amitabh Bachchan Gold Collection

34. The Gentle Waves Swansong for You 2000 photo: Stuart Murdoch (that guy from Belle & Sebastian). Sleeve by Divine Inc.

35. Groove Armada Vertigo 2001 sleeve & art direction: ZiP Design.

36. Lauren Hill The Miseducation of Lauren Hill 1998 art direction: Lauren Hill & Erwin Gorostiza.

37. Kenny G Gravity1985 "Kenny G" logo designed by Tony Gable at Gablegraphics, Seattle, WA. art director: Donn Davenport. photo by: Gary Gross. design: Howard Fritzson. stylist: Hui Wang. hair and makeup: Gui Vrabl. clothing: In Wear/Martinique; Henry Lehr.

38. Björk Homogenic 1997 art direction: Alexander McQueen. photography: Nick Knight.

39. David Byrne uh-oh 1992 design: M&Co. painting: Brian Dewan from a sketch by David Byrne.

40. Röyksopp Melody A.M. 2001 cover photo: Sølve Sunsbø. design: Tom Hingston Studio.

41. Björk Vespertine 2001 sleeve: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and M/M . Please note the Leda/swan stuff going on.

42. Björk Post 1995 cover design: Design By Me Company. photography: Stephane Sadnaoui. Björk's jacket by Hussein Chalaya.

43. Millie Jackson Get It Out'cha System 1978 design: Bob Heimall (AGI). Millie Jackson photo: Nima. other photography: Eric Meola.

44. Los Cisnes La Llave

45. Sweet Country Livin'. art: Jeremy Havens (photo from magazine over color copy test print).

46. Land of the Loops Multi-Family Garage Sale single 1996 cover art: Alan Sutherland.

47. Missing persons Rhyme and Reason 1984. hair: Tracy Hill, Doug Powell. photography: Helmut Newton. art direction and design: Larry Vigon.

48. Built to Spill Keep It like a Secret 1999 art direction & design: Tae Won Yo.

49. Cake Fashion Nugget 1996 designed: John McCrea (the lead singer), Mark Kornweibel, and Audry Marie at Pine Scented Designs (Sacramento, Calif.).

50. Camera Obscura Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi sleeve design & layout: Anne MacClean. cover star: Fiona Morrison.

51. Claudine 1967

52. Crystal Gayle When I Dream 1978 photo: Claude Mougin. art direction: Bill Burks. TRIVIA: Crystal Gayle (not her whole name) is a sister to some one else on this list. Who???

53. Controlled Bleeding The Poisoner 1997.

54. U2 War 1983 boy photograph: Ian Finlay. design: Design RX.

55. Dr. Octagon 1996 cover artwork: Pushead. "Dr. Octagon says: Stay in school and don't do drugs."

56. The Harder They Come Soundtrack 1973 sleeve designed: CCS Associates. cover drawing: ? Bryant.

57. The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band "Live" on Tour in Europe 1976 cover illustration: Jim Warren.

58. De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising 1989

59. Herb Alpert's Tiajuana Brass Whipped Cream and Other Delights album designed by Peter Whorf Graphics.

60. Liza Minnelli The Singer 1973 photo: Alan Pappe. art direction: Ron Coro.

61. Lipps Inc. Mouth to Mouth 1980 art direction & design: Michael Kevin Lee/Gribbett! illustration: Jan Kovaleski & Michael Kevin Lee.

62. Steely Dan Aja 1977 art direction: Oz Studios. designed by: Patricia Matsui and Geoff western. cover photo: Hideki Fujii.

63. Devo New Traditionalists 1981

64. Simple Minds Life In a Day 1982.

65. Albert Ayler Love Cry 1968 photography: Charles Stewart. graphic design: Dan Serrano, David Gibb, Andy Ruggirello, Scott Johnson, & Sonny Mediana.

66. Roxy Music Country Life 1974 photo: Eric Bowman. fashion: Anthony Price. design: Nicholas de Ville. art direction: Bryan Ferry.

67. Bonnie "Prince" Billy Lie Down in the Light 2008 cover drawing: Joanne Oldham. layout: Dan Osborn.

68. Stefon Harris Black Action Figure 1999 creative direction: Gordon H Jee. art direction & design: Greenberg Kingsley/NYC. photography:Robert Fleischauer/LaMoine.

69. Ornette Coleman Something Else!!!! 1958 .

70. Ornette Coleman The Shape of Jazz to Come 1959 cover photo: William Claxton. cover design: Marvin Israel.

71. John Coltrane Lush Life 1957 cover: Esmond Edwards.

72. John Coltrane Blue Train 1957 cover design: Reid Miles. photo: Francis Wolff.

73. Miles Davis On the Corner 1972 cover art: Corky McCoy.

74. Shu-bi-dau

75. Dianne Reeves Bridges 1999 creative director: Gordon H Jee. art director/designer: Jessica Novod. photographer: Deborah Feingold. makeup stylist: Eric Spearman.

76. Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 Look Around

77. The Cars Candy-O 1979 cover concept: David Robinson. cover painting: Alberto Vargas.

78. Sonny Rollins Saxaphone Colossus 1956 cover photo/design: Hannan.

79. Ricky Skaggs Don't Cheat in Our Hometown 1983 photography: Jim McGuire.

80. Daniel Johnston Yip/Jump Music 1983 cover drawing: Daniel Johnston.

81. Miles Davis In Concert 1973 cover art: Corky McCoy.

82. Aric Lavie Sings 1980.

83. Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express 1977 NOTE: readers of Jerome may be interested to know that the man on the left looks almost exactly like "The Aristocrat" character in the "The Office Gossip" (2004).

84. Kraftwerk The Man-Machine album concept + production: Ralf Hutter + Florian Schneider. photo: Günter Fröhling.

85. Land of the Loops Bundle of Joy 1996 cover: Alan Sutherland.

86. Bobbie Gentry Fancy 1967

87. Chick Corea The Leprechaun 1975. illustration: Dave Palladini. direction and design: Peter Corriston A. G. I.

88. Los Lobos This Time 1999 art direction:John & Jeri Heiden for SMOG and Louie Perez.

89. Sade love deluxe 1992 photo: Albert Watson. design: Peter Brawne. production: Quest Typesetting.

90. St. Etienne Tiger Bay 1994 photo: either Paul Kelly or Aude Prier.

91. Laurie Anderson Big Science 1982.

92. Bob Welch Three Hearts 1979 art direction & design: Vignon, Nahas, Vignon. photos: Oliver Ferrand, Neal Preston, Sam Emerson. NOTE: title printed in metallic gold, and that did not scan well.

93. June Christy The Misty Miss Christy 1955

94. St. Etienne Good Humor 1998 photos: Paul Kelly. design: Phantom Industries. note: The little essay that can be found on this groups CD booklet is by Douglas Coupland, authour of Generation X.

95. Stereolab Emperor Tomato Ketchup 1996 sleeve: Trouble with assistance from Frank & Bettina (Richards).

96. Paul Hardcastle Rain Forest 1985 album cover concept: Billy Russell. photo compiled and composed: Mike Emmett. art direction: Dick Smith.

97. Gitti und Erica Zwei Mädchen zum Verlieben 1980.

98. Cameo Cameosis 1980 art direction: Phyllis Chotin. design: Stephen Lumel/Gribbitt! photography: Berard Vidal. Illustration:Leo McIntire.

99. A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 1993 photos: Heeds by TAR. woamn: Carol Weinber. design: ZombArt JK.

100. 311 Music 1993 art direction & design: Deborah Norcross. cover illustration: Eric Stotic. cover logo: Henk Elenga.

101. Sniff 'n' the Tears The Game's Up 1980. cover painting: Paul Roberts. design: Phil Smee.

102. Volume All*Star Self-connected/Twice-elected cover art: Jim Winters.

103. Lipps, Inc. Designer Music 1981 package coordination: Joan Marlow. art direction and design: Bob Carroll/Gribbitt! illustration: Jeff Wack. cover photography: Robert Whitman. wardrobe: Sonia Kashuk.

104. Weezer 1994 photo: Peter Gowland. design: Karl Koch. art direction: Michael Golob.

105. Dwight Yoakum A Long Way Home 1998 photographs of Dwight: Randee St. Nicholas. art direction: Dwight Yoakum & Linda Cobb. design: Linda Cobb.

106. Dwight Yoakum Tomrrow's Sounds Today 2000 art direction: Dwight Yoakum & Tracy Veal. design: Antony Neely at Tracy Veal Design. photographer: Annalisa.

107. Laibach Sympathy for the Devil 1988 sleeve layout: Slim Smith.

108. Lily Allen Alright, Still 2007

109. Belle and Sebastian Lazy Line Painter Jane

110. Belle and Sebastian The Boy with the Arab Strap

111. Belle and Sebastian Tigermilk 1996

112. Belle and Sebastian Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant design: Andrew Symington.

113. Marvin Gaye What's Going On 1971 art direction: Curtis McNair. graphic supervision: Tom Schlesinger. photo: Hendin.

114. Stanley Clarke School Days 1976. illustration: Robert Giusti. art direction: Bob Defrin/Lynn Breslin. "Also, special thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for being an inspiration to me."

115. Weather Reprt Heavy Weather 1977 illustration: Lou Beach. design: Nancy Donald. photography: Keith Williamson.

116. Van Morrison Saint Dominic's Preview 1972 photo: Michael Maggid.

117. M.I.A. Kala 2007 artwork: M.I.A. additional graphics: Carri Mundane & Steve Loveridge. M.I.A.'s photo: Janette Beckman.

118. Van Morrison Astral Weeks 1968 photo: Joel Brodsky. art director: Ed Thrasher.

119. Modest Mouse Building Nothing Out of Something drawings: Joey Bullock. layout: (Chris )Takino/Saaed.

120. Oasis Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2000 photo: Andrew MacPherson. art direction: Simon Halfon & Noel Gallagher.

121. Oasis Definately Maybe 1994 photos: Michael Spencer Jones. sleeve concept, design, & art direction: Brian Cannon for Microdot.

122. Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory 1995 "A microdot sleeve;" designed & directed: Brian Cannon. assisted by Matthew Sankey. photos: Michael Spencer Jones. photos star: Sean Rowley.

123. Gershon Kingsley Music to Moog By NOTE: Gershon Kingsley's discography on his website shows the BACK of this album, not this image of shifty eyes, guilty looks, and sliced up nipples.

124. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn Lead Me On 1973

125. Roxy Music Stranded1974 cover concept: Bryan Ferry. cover design: Nicholas de Ville. photo: Karl Stoeker. cover girl make up: Pierre Laroche. fasion: Anthony Price. artwork: Bob Bowkett at CSS.

126. Miles Davis Big Fun

127. Herbie Mann Push Push1971 photo: Joel Brodsky. album design: Paula Bisacca.

128. Laibach Opus Dei 1987 design: Laibach Kunst. layout: Slim Smith.

129. Captain Sinbad The Seven Voyages of Captain Sinbad 1982 cover: Tony McDermott.

130. Scientist Encounters Pac Man 1982 cover: Tony McDermott.

131. The Modern Jazz Quartet Plastic Dreams 1971 cover art & album design: Stanislaw Zagorski.

132. Neil Young Trans 1982 front cover art: Barry Jackson.

133. Hires Magyar Enekesek

134. Loretta Lynn You're Lookin' At Country 1971

135. Mad Professor Escape From the Asylum of Dub-Dub Me Crazy 4 1983 cover: Michael & Tony McDermott. NOTE: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are in the Dub Asylum.

136. Scientist Scientist Wins the World Cup 1982 cover: Tony McDermott. NOTE: score: Scientist Jamaica-6, England-1.

137. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1967 photos: John Kelly.

138. Falco 3 1985

139. Lana Cantrell The 6th of Lana 1969 photo: Skrebneski.

140. DRS Body to Body Boogie 1978 art direction: Stanley Hochstadt. design: Paula Swauger. graphics supervision: Lloyd Gelassen.

141. Bobbie Gentry Patchwork

142. Quartz 1978 cover design/illustration: J.N. Guariga. photography: P. Astrier.

143. New Order Technique 1989 cover: Peter Saville Associates & Trevor Key.

144. Glen Campbell Galveston

145. Heaven 17 Penthouse and Pavement 1981 packaging: B.E.F. cover painting: Ray Smith. TRIVIA: What great movie was the inspiration for the name "Heaven 17"? You'll find out eventually!

146. Heaven 17 The Luxury Gap 1982 cover concept and painting: Ray Smith.

147. The B-52's Wild Planet 1980 art direction: Robert Waldrop. photo: Lynn Goldsmith. hairdos: La Verne & Phyllis. makeup: Paul Bricker.

148. Roxy Music The First Roxy Music Album 1972

149. The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 cover: M C Productions and The Apple. staged by: Peter Blake and Jann Haworth. photo: Michael Cooper. wax figures: Madame Tussauds.

150. Poppys Septembre Noir, Decembre Blanc... 1974

God Bless the Internet.

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