Tuesday, January 22, 2013


THE ZOMBIES at Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, North Carolina: July 29th 2012.

This band has been playing more or less neigh on 50 years (52 now) - and are still filled with love and hope and joy and I would like to say something funny but I can't - too much love and hope and joy in this band. How can I even start to be critical? Well, I guess I could complain that I was a little deaf after that night. But it wasn't their fault. It was the even older than me people, screaming, in my ear, in a happy state of geri-joy-mania.

The best thing about the concert? Well, one of the best? "Breathe Out, Breathe in." I loved it and chided myself for not knowing it and then forgave myself when I discovered that this 50+ year and still going strong band just wrote the thing. Take a sound gander of this wonderful evening. My money's on the bass man:


THE CRISPIES are an annual appreciation of 10 of the most wonderful things discovered over the course of the previous year, having been produced or created any time at all.

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