If Borges had ever invented a woman, it would be you.

But Borges invented many women, but they weren’t you, you say.

That is true, which is why Borges didn’t do it. Because he could, since he proved it already, by doing it.

But if what you are saying is true, then you have already been invented.

Yes, by Borges, but not you. You can just sit there, very pretty, with good posture, being invented.

Someday, when Borges says, “I must do something that I have already done again.”

Look how quiet he gets when he is working.

Shhh, no one says, be quiet

And the more he does, the more you disappear.

He’s quite good, isn’t he? Borges doesn’t say a thing,
because he cannot hear a thing

What a funny way to be immortal Borges heard you say

After you became Borges.

all artwork, including monsters but not old timey photographs,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2007


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