1) Sure! why not?

2) I think that California wines are overpriced. (Reception). Actually, this is what I once thought. I don’t think this anymore, though.

3) It's not for me. But then again, I used to think watching field hockey wasn't for me, either.

4) It's interesting that the word 'though' and 'thought' are alike except for the letter 't' even though they share a 'T' with which they begin their journey.

4a) Vive la difference. I like to call it, 'Mr. T.'

4b) It's like the difference between the word 'La Sevilla' and 'Cevice' one, a mating dance between old people in Seville, the other, a citrus-laced lobster shark and bitter orange contraption from the wilds of Peru where you can find blowguns, naked stuff and jungles and things.

5) Even though I don't watch field hockey, it's always possible that someday I will watch field hockey. Near the field, but not too close. Wearing glasses. Field Hockey is definitely for me.

6) Like Peru, marriage is an Argentinian Tango. You always think that the woman, la mujer esa, has a rose in her mouth, but she does not. Not in Argentina, mama. Other places, maybe. As with marriage, the Argentinian Tango is what it is, without a rose. But still, would you have it any other way? No. Unless you married someone else, which would be a mistake, even with the rose thing.

7) Life is not a shark. Life is not a bitter orange. Life is a lobster.

7) In Cuba, they say hello to my little friend, love, in la manera distinguida y vieja. That means: be polite with love, walk with a brisk step as though you know your way.

all artwork, including monsters but not old timey photographs,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2007


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