Considered how beautiful key limes and white chocolate sound together

Discovered that Graham Nash, not Stephen Stills, sang Marrakesh Express

Discovered that Darwin floated asparagus in his bathtub

Asked a man named Rudy what I would look like riding a bicycle called the Rockabilly Boogy

Wondered if lions could be nice to anyone like they were to Joy Adamson

Today the clouds came out of nowhere

Today my paper airplane didn't fly

Said, “Today may be roast beef, but Tomorrow will be almond apricot tart”

all artwork, including monsters but not old timey photographs,
® mr. crispy flotilla, 2007


Anonymous said…

Another very good reason not to have dinner at Darwin´s house. The first being that he used to use the kitchen cutlery in the lab.

I had homemade summer lasagne for lunch on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. Summer lasagne had eggplant and very little meat. It was made with a light Bechamel sauce, though it was quite tomatoey as well. There was a faint breeze and it was clear and blue as far as the eye could see. The first course was Belinis and the last course was grappa. I am grateful for my good fortune. The company was wonderful. And very happily married.

Donatella Americana

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