I purchased a small plaster statue of the Virgin Mary twenty years ago 
Ten years ago the head fell off and I superglued the Virgin Mary’s head back 
onto her neck Rob who helps me fix my bicycle said that the next time 
the Virgin Mary’s head falls off that I should use Gorilla Glue, that Gorilla Glue 
is even stronger than Super Glue and Gorilla Glue will keep the Virgin Mary’s head 
in place for a nice long time when it falls off again because 

Believe me, Rob said, the Virgin Mary’s head will fall off again


badvogato said…
I still couldn't figure out whose head fell off on my little ivory "last super" statue I picked out many years ago at Golden Nuggets Flea Market. It was the 4th figure showing on the right to Christ if our observer is facing the table. I have whoever's head glued under the table but I never know for sure, it might decide to go missing or looking for holyghost on its own. - remarks to celebrate Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2016. - badovgato

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