A television is an almost impossible thing
how do those wonderful things travel from wherever they start
to that little box next to the window with the lion figurine?

And where do all those people in that movie
in this case from 1941 New York City, New York
spend their time while waiting for you to look at them in Cheyenne, 2016?

Then there is always the question of why they do the same thing
over and over again, every time they appear
You could set your watch by it. Although why have a watch at all?
I know I don’t. I have a phone.

But to be fair, I do the same thing over and over again every day too
Although I do vary it a little: today, for example, I cut my finger
slicing strawberries with a paring knife over the sink
I didn’t cry, but I did curse, and think about moving to another country

If it were up to me, I would live in the television set and only appear
when you wanted me too. And I would never cut my finger.

And I would eat whole strawberries.
And I would accept mystery as it came.
I would watch everything that floated my way
And live forever, sort of.


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