Thursday, August 25, 2016


Said that we don’t travel in a circular method, but in a spiral, like a corkscrew, like a corkscrew! Which means that you go from a high place to a low place swirling, then embedded in a tree from Portugal temporarily, until we feel the force of the ages upon us and the sweet perfect aromas of cedar and mint and plum and cassis or maybe honeysuckle and kiwi and melon and gooseberry which you are quite near for a moment but only for a moment, and then all that one might find in a garbage can: eggs, corned beef hash, watermelon rinds, chicken fat, cigarette butts, periodicals that were never read and next there is the quiet, the lack of any real conversation and then jarring, and tumbling, and  travel: who knows where we are going now? Who knows? But it’s very exciting!

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