Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recently NASA released thousands
of space travel and intergalactic sounds

They all had wonderful names 
like Quindar and Delta IV

Vector Transfer, Roger Roll
Lightning On Jupiter

They were all terribly disappointing
I can make much better sounds

With this interesting collection of
gizmos that I have on my desk

Even outside, I hear a collie barking
and a little Mazda is beeping its horn

How wonderful they sound and 
how sexy in a way

Of course if they were in outer space
they would sound like nothing and not sexy

Or maybe nothing would just sound like nothing

Which is what your heart sounds like
when it stops beating but as despondent

As I was at how little outer space
seemed to offer today there was one

I did like: Space Shuttle Landing.
It was beautiful and regal and powerful

It was so strong, and so much more majestic
than the Lightning of Jupiter or Fifth Quadrant Pulsars.

It was the sound of the end of something.
Something wonderful. Something new.

It reminded me of coming home after a long drive

It’s summer now, but who knows if that
will ever end but there I am 

Seeing you in the driveway, 
and remembering the feeling 

Of outer space, of wonder, of
thinking: what could that

possible be? Where is the car
and where is the dog?

and thinking

How quiet it can be, how
quiet this moment is

how wonderful it can be this moment
when your heart slightly stops beating

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