Wednesday, April 01, 2015


I could only read Pablo Neruda once, briefly, while on the beach. And the little amount I read of Paul Neruda made me realize he was a brilliant man. For instance, he wrote a brilliant thing, or two, about pancakes, I believe, and then, I think, corn. A brilliant pancake and corn poem. It might have been two poems. Two poems, equally brilliant, that I read on the beach, about pancakes and then,  corn. Although I was not really on the beach. I was in a bookstore at the beach. Interestingly, you couldn’t see the beach from the bookstore. But you could smell the delicious pancakes. They were the ones that you used to make. The poem I read today was brilliant. Oh, with the smell of roasting corn inside. It reminded me of the beach.  And Pablo Neruda. Perhaps you wrote it. Are you Pablo.
You are brilliant.

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