Sunday, September 15, 2013


The black one.
The black one with the holes in it.

The white one.
The white one without the holes in it.

The white one that wishes it was black.
But doesn’t wish it had holes in it.

The black one that wishes it didn’t have holes
in it, but would like to remain black and that’s that.

The two unhappy suits. The suits to wear. 

The God of Suits, who looks like the God 
by Michelangelo except he is wearing a suit,
tells all his children:

“You must take the crunchy with the smooth” 

Crunchy things have no holes in them, neither 
do smooth things. But one is better than the other. 
Try them both and you will see. You will never agree, 
God says: peanut butter.

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