Sunday, September 15, 2013

If someone gives me a choice of things to do,
I always choose the second one, no matter how
outrageous it might be. If something terrible
happens as a consequence, there is only one 
option of what to do. It’s terrible! I hate when 
there isn’t a choice! Give me a choice! But there 
is no choice! There is only one option! 

So I choose to think about that for a while.
I look at it very carefully. And I see the option 
settle down inside a little paper boat and float 
across the raging sea which is really no more 
than a kitchen sink filled with the foamy
suds of old options and excellent choices.
My only choice is to frown or smile and
so I choose two.

1 comment:

Emily said...

As a little girl, Lovey always used to choose the second option each time. Even when the options were reversed and the one she didn't choose before was the second one, she would choose that!

As for me, I had a restaurant that only "served" cheeseburgers. Ask for anything else and I would say, "No, don't have that."

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