Tuesday, August 06, 2013

for Faye Hunter

The Mormons like to marry the dead
if the dead didn’t have the chance when they could
I thought it was a ceiling, which seemed nice,
but really it is a sealing, which is OK too

When I was a little boy my sandwiches 
were wrapped in wax paper
and they were not sealed 
and I did not look at the ceiling
but I found them to be delicious

Marriage like a memory can be sealed
The Mormons say, Hey marriage is a seal
It’s not a ceiling and there is no glass to it
and it’s good news because you don’t cut
yourself and if you do, OK then

In this case I think there may be benefits to that
more than, say wax paper,
which is only a memory
seals only vaguely and
is smooth as paper, which it is
with no edges and who can’t love that?

It floats away and comes back
it is almost lighter than air

It dances where it wants needs to be and

It approaches the ceiling with the utmost caution
but let there be no doubt
it does approach the ceiling

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