Thursday, December 06, 2012


I tried running the other day and it didn’t feel like it did when I used to run when I was ten or twelve. The last time I ran I was eighteen. I had this idea that I would stay healthy by running everywhere. I forgot that idea when I was about nineteen. I might have remembered if anyone had asked me: “Why did you stop running everywhere?” But nobody did. I like to think nobody did because I was running so fast that no one could see me. I ran really fast! Now when I start to run, everyone can see me and everyone asks: “Why are you running?” Or worse yet: “What are you running from?” When they do, I always point to whatever is behind me and hope that they understand. Everyone sees something different, and that is what I am counting on. But if I start running again, I hope that I will run so fast that I will remember why I stopped, or why I started, which is something that I don’t want to remember, but it might be good to know. I just hope that whatever it is, it doesn't stop me from running.

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Anonymous said...

Did you realize that a high percentage of your reminisces are about hamburgers and hamburger places?

Count up all the things you remember from your childhood and report back to me with an exact percentage. :)

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