Thursday, December 20, 2012


I never liked David Hockney’s paintings very much but I always admired that he wore very colorful clothes and his glasses were always big and round and his hair was always yellow. Some painters walk away from paintings but some people like David Hockney walk away and say I still believe in colors, I will always believe in them you see, I believe in them right now. 


Now that he is older, David Hockney has grey hair and wears grey suits but sometimes his shirts look like little swimming pools or pink flowers so I think that he is basically understanding something about grey and about colors you might say that he is evolving but I think he is staying the same. Normally you would say Oh that’s no good one must change. But I think that’s just what people say. I prefer to say something like Don’t get me wrong you see I am happy. I am still David and I still love.

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