Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I prefer the pony tail to a pig tail when it comes to a doll that I buy for good luck or to stop the war or for my daughter as thought I have one. But let’s be true,
the real thing I buy like one might lettuce is Mike Hazard: he is a double agent, he is jointed and molded and blue, and he possesses exploding luggage

as should we all. You are probably wondering if he is an angel - why are you wondering that? Lemon chiffon is not what of he is made, but still I dream that someday I will touch his stiletto

necktie, hold in my arms his communication receiver-in hat (I want to know the news like most men want to know the sports) - he is, oh wouldn’t it be nice to be - a man of interchangeable weapons

I mean faces - you know, false disguises - enjoy if you will, he is prone to say - my bazooka launcher!

but look carefully: his words were spoken in 1965! If you did in fact enjoy his launcher, you have

long ago forgotten: the smoke is no more than a cockroach in the hope chest. Open up your heart and see if the communication receiver is still working - I doubt it. thank god for the trench coat

with secret pockets! with the assistance of nothing you recall, you have walked on, turned around, smiled, survived, forgotten. no wonder you didn’t cry when your luggage exploded.

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