Thursday, January 05, 2012


I say it was Athena. I know her eyes were grey but that doesn’t mean herself wasn’t green. Green can mean fresh, clean, new, or green can mean tarragon, cucumbers, chives, leaf, oil chuckling down the spout. In this case, if you mix grey and green together, you get green. That’s because they say wisdom (that was Athena) is never new, but someone else, named Ralph, said, It’s new all the time and I agree with Ralph, it’s new all the time. I personally never liked the idea of a green goddess until I got older, just like tarragon, no thank you, and grey seemed like a funny color to make things clear. But I woke up one day and said, Yes, I would like some tarragon, some cucumbers, some chives, some leaf. Oh, why not go all the way - make it a goddess, a fresh one. Paint the skies with so much grey green, and Hello! my sandwich. My day continued in this way for some time until it was more than one. But why? They also say your heart should be firm but I don’t think it should. It really cannot work at all until it is so soft that it almost falls apart. Work hard, she says, become soft. And that takes time.

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