Monday, October 17, 2011


Saw a terrifically scary movie the other night.

Had a thought.

What about throwing a cute little bunny rabbit in there?

Marilyn Monroe hog ties a little girl in her bed.

She locks her uncle in a closet, runs down the stairs
of the hotel, buys a razor blade and holds it to her wrist.

Now would be a good time to throw in a bunny rabbit!

Hippity Hippity Hop.

What's that? Marilyn Monroe asks.

Why, it’s a bunny rabbit, Richard Widmark says.

Isn’t it the cutest thing, Marilyn Monroe purrs.

The bunny rabbit sniffs the razor blade and hops away.

Hippity Hop!

Aww, Marilyn Monroe sighs,
Is there anything more precious in the whole world?

Everyone smiles. The police bang on the door.

Now then, Marilyn asks, Where was I?

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