Monday, October 10, 2011


As I grow older, or let’s say as Ralph grows older, he cares more and more about two things: clouds and water.

He talks about clouds all the time.

Just yesterday he said, “Is that a battalion of alien space ships?”

And a glass of refreshing, ice cold water is like nothing else on earth.

“Mmm, delicious,” said Ralph. “Perhaps I will have one more glass.”

Funny, though, Ralph, or let’s say I - I don’t about the water that clouds hold.

And I don’t care about the clouds in my glasses.

Just the clouds in the sky; just the water in my glass.

Realizing at a certain age that you must buy a new brand of detergent is something I accept, but it is not really something. Realizing that it will probably rain is OK, too, and I have forgotten it already, and that is just fine with me. Does it matter?

But ice cold water, Ralph, and beautiful white clouds ...oh Ralph ...

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