Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shapely man running down Peace Street. Oh. I see. Shapely man with telephone body and grapefruit stomach at the corner of Peace and War Streets. Grapefruit might be magnifying glass with grapefruit embedded. Man with triangle nose and cute button eyeballs spinning around the corner of Peace & War not really grapefruit. Man with body of black telephone no grapefruit actually dial him: RING RING! War is over! Hoorah! 1945! Hooray! Dude on the move, more cute than handsome. Zip. Ring a Ding. That's how everyone feels about peace. Call now. The operators that answer will know you already. They are angels.


Old 333 said...

Neato. I think this may be the first time I've enjoyed ekphrasis, unless the picture is yours too, in which case, also thanks.


Ricky Garni said...

Oh no, it's not mine. I wish I could, I can't.

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