Monday, November 01, 2010


Mt Fuji? I thought to myself. Mt. Fuji? Why is it that all I can think of is cool, refreshing water

This could either be me talking to Mt Fuji or me wondering why when someone says Mt Fuji all I can think of is cool, refreshing water.

The third possibility is that it is me trying to remember Mt. Fuji when Sean Lennon says climbing Mt Fuji with his sexy girlfriend was his greatest accomplishment, which seems so wrong and beautiful but sure why not

The fourth possibility is that I never thought of Mt Fuji as a mountain that people climbed. Why do I not think about Mt. Fuji as a mountain to climb, I think of Mt. Fuji as...I don’t know

a mountain to say or a mountain to write down in a book, MT FUJI with a beautiful pen and I am parched

My sexy girlfriend climbed it as fast as the Australian marines, says Sean Lennon, not me

It is Mt. Fuji and then period there is no more story other than well

Mt Fuji

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Old 333 said...

Thanks for quite a bit of good reading this morning! I'm enjoying what you do here - off I go to mop a floor now, and thanks for some good coffee-time eye materiel.

Mustaches indeed.



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