Sunday, November 28, 2010


So close to winter and so deep into autumn, I think of the word “Renée”:  a difficult word to spell at first, and a difficult word to pronounce if you have only read it. No ‘Michael Lookofsky’ of difficulty to pronounce, but difficult to pronounce, nevertheless.

This deep in autumn I want winter to go away. Already. That’s why I say Renée.

Just walk away, Renée, I say. A aching melody in the pop rock milieu. Michael Lookofsky: please tell me to walk away, said Renée.

Michael Lookofsky said Walk Away, Renée. Michael Lookofsky wrote Walk Away, Renée. His hands shook so badly in the studio that he could barely play. There she was, Renée, looking at him and smiling. The studio was dark and she was smiling and tall and blonde. And smiling and blonde.

Michael Lookofsky really didn’t want Renée to walk away. I know you love someone else, but what could he say? Please stay, Renée. Please stay. Must you go?

How I wish winter and autumn instead would go away!

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