Monday, August 23, 2010


New and freshly minted – three books, two of which are whoppers (400+ pgs), in anticipation of my reading tour on September (Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC, followed by a walk around the block.)

Here they are: TELEFRICASSEE, THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, and MAYBE WAVY. Free summer shipping ends today! (although orders must exceed $19 – buy an extra copy for your Grandmommy!) – and please, do not save a tree on my account! In fact, if possible, do not save several!

Also: please: if you are so inclined, do comment on the comments page regarding these books. I am in search of wonderful back cover blurbs and you never know where you might find them.

For example, here's one that was spoken to me and now will find its place on the back of MAYBE WAVY:

"A 556 page book of poetry? Who wants a 556 page book of poetry?"

Samples forthcoming.

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