Sunday, August 29, 2010


THE BIG TOE is one of my favorite horror stories but it takes too long to tell so here is what is important: a boy chops off someone’s big toe hoeing potatoes and he is terribly afraid and puts the big toe in the pot of beans that his mother is cooking for dinner and then sits down to eat dinner and eats the big toe and then sits around the fire with his father and then hears a creepy voice asking WHO’S GOT MY BIG TOE and so the boy hides under the bed and then the voice gets closer and closer and then reaches under the bed and says YOU’VE GOT IT because he the boy did have the big toe and everybody screams really loud for a long time.

Also the thing with the creepy voice had a big black bushy tail and big claws and sharp teeth and he had a slight limp naturally and he was so sad that you just wanted to hold him in your arms and say IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE and the story was in a compilation written in 1948 in a book bubbling with hearty tales of robust people called AMERICAN FOLK TALES AND SONGS that was dedicated to somebody named Bill somewhere in Pine Mountain and it has a song in it and the song goes like this:

Kiss me now
kiss me cunning
kiss me quick
Mama’s coming

You see I told you everything would be all right Kiss me now.

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