Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Today I wondered if when some guy from Moscow reads me
Does he think He’s not very Russian
or does he think
He is so Russian, like I am Russian
or does he think
It’s nice to read a fellow American while
here in Russia on vacation, specifically in Moscow
Or does he look at the sky and say

Why should I read poems about mincemeat
when I can be happy staring into the beautiful Moscow sky?
I who am from Russia, specifically Moscow?

Perhaps it is none of those things. Perhaps it is simply this

I would rather read his poems about mincemeat

It’s true because I did write a poem about mincemeat

than unhappily stare into the unattractive Moscow sky?

Which is true because there are times when the Moscow sky
is not attractive if you stare into it, which can be depressing

Seriously, though, I did write a poem about mincemeat.

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