Thursday, January 28, 2010

THE THURSDAYS OF MONTBLANC: not the mountain, oh no, not the mountain

Today it is always possible that someone might write me a letter using Montblanc Toffee Brown or Montblanc Oyster Grey ink – and if they did I would know that it was writtten sometime after today, when Montblanc released their new ink colors, Toffee Brown ande Oyster Grey.

Today Montblanc said: “Discover a new writing experience: New ink colors Toffee Brown & Oyster Grey are now available in Montblanc Boutiques and from specialised retailers! Be one of the first to get the chance of writing with Montblanc’s newly launched ink colors. How it works: Be among the first 48 to write an E-Mail to, name the ink color you are interested in (Toffee Brown or Oyster Grey) and receive a free sample.”

Today I wrote Montblanc: “Dear Montblanc: Not only do I love you, but I would prefer to try Toffee Brown rather than try Oyster Grey. Toffee Brown reminds me of the Heath Bars that I used to eat, frozen, when I was young, before I would watch, yes, monster movies, often with, I believe, Boris Karloff, in them.”

Today I missed ‘Peacock Blue.’ It was a really unusual and wonderful color that Shaffer used to make for their fountain pens. I mentioned this in my second letter to Montblanc, and I do hope that this wasn’t a mistake. However, “I was just trying to be honest.”

Today I wondered how long it would be before Montblanc wrote me back and what they might tell me when they do. “I like your ink bottles,” I thought of telling Montblanc, “they remind me of little cocker spaniels.” This is true, and that is another reason that I asked for Toffee Brown ink. It is much more like a cocker spaniel than Oyster Grey is like a cocker spaniel. Oyster Grey just reminds me of being depressed in Nova Scotia with wet dungarees and standing on rocks.

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