Thursday, January 21, 2010



Three boys hold hands in a circle surrounding a candle and begin to sing until they are made out of clay.

It doesn’t affect their singing. They still sound exactly as they always did, which was barely anything.

It was actually nothing. Their mouths are shaped like perfect ‘o’s, and their noses are fleshy carrots. Their hats had fluffy cotton balls atop, like their noses, now clay.

And out of their mouths, for miles around, you could hear this:

It has been said that their trickery was noted by God, who punished them, and hardened their bodies into grey brown clay, surrounding a candle to that would keep them forever warm.

Have you ever touched clay? It is pleasant to touch. It is attractive to look at. People often say “ahhh” when they see it. Clay bodies are placed in the most important rooms in the house. Clay lasts for a terribly long time. Candles are beautiful and warm and make you think.

I often wonder: Is there a God?

I like to sing silently with my friends, and I like to sing

O, no,

I like to sing,

O yes.

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