Thursday, December 24, 2009

THURSDAY: a verflucht

Today I watched STATE FAIR. It almost opens with IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING and I thought to myself ACH DU LIEBER HIMMEL this is going to be an amazing bunch of songs I don’t care if there is no plot at all just songs only to discover that the whole thing is pretty much is just no plot and one song and it is IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING it keeps popping up over and over everybody is singing it and just when you think it will stop the carousel ride comes by and VERFLUCHT! there’s no escape from IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING, nowhere to go nowhere to hide! It might as well be Spring! Although it is quite a terrific song I think it will now haunt my dreams which actually would be a relief from all the cockroach ones with those cliffs and jelly messes.

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