Saturday, December 26, 2009

SATURDAY: a schreien

Today I discovered that schreierpfeife, a double reed medieval instrument, is a deviation from schreien (to cry or scream) in Italian, as in, for example: “Please! I beg of you!” The old Italian man shreiened, “Do not take my schreierpfeife!”

Today I decided, “If Lydia Davis says that Russell Edson is OK, then Russell Edson IS OK.”

Today I decided, “If Lydia Davis says that Buddy Ebsen is OK, then Buddy Ebsen is also OK.” Although as far as I know Lydia Davis has not said Buddy Ebsen is OK.

Today I discovered that Hugh Beaumont had a rather impressive hook shot even when he was old enough to play Ward Cleaver in LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and even when he was wearing double pleated pants which draped his form quite nicely, especially during the hook shot.

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