Saturday, July 18, 2009


Honestly, I don't know. But here is why there is a 99 up there:

I recently checked up on the number of downloads for the Crispy Books over yonder (there to the right) and discovered that the books had been downloaded 99 times. Hooray! 99 is a number that I have always loved ever since the days of Barbara Feldon and GET SMART. 101 is a number that I have always loved, too, but for reasons that I could never fully explain. I think it has to do with all the introductory courses that I took in school and loved and then of course abandoned.

100, though–not so much. It seems like of milquetoasty*, but what can you do. Nothing. Well, still, I felt like I could celebrate it a little, and so I wanted to send free poetry of some unpublished ilk to whomever or whoever downloaded the 100th Crispy Book this month.

Someone did, and it was COMMENTS WITHOUT COSMOS and I thought OH HOW WONDERFUL but I don't know who it was. If it was you (I am looking at you right now–no–not YOU–I mean the one next to you) who downloaded COMMENTS recently please contact me right here & send me an address and off it will go. If it wasn't you, send me a note anyway, and tell me your true but completely varnished and censored feelings and reactions to any of the books. And as always, reviews left on the site are meagerly rewarded by tiny little poems, lovingly sent your way.

Love via shoephone,


*here's a word I have always hated. The word's actually OK, it's just the dumb spelling. It's better when you use the full name: Caspar Milquetoast. That has an undeniable rightness to it, and it's harder to hate. Harder, but you know, I still hate it.

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