Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YOU GO TO MY HEAD (J. Fred Coots)

You go to my head with a smile that makes my temperature rise
Like a summer with a thousand Julys
You intoxicate my soul with your eyes
Though I'm certain that this heart of mine
Hasn't a ghost of a chance in this crazy romance
You go to my head

I hear your plea but I am not thinking about you. Don’t get all thrilled on me.

Just because you get drunk feeling thinking about me is no reason for me to be happy. I don’t care if you think that love is like

champagne in your head or a mint julep in your heart or burgundy or what the fuck in your brain, I say to yourself I think you should just stop and get a hold of yourself and

maybe even tie yourself up in a chair before your head explodes like a thousand julys. What you think might happen it will never

happen. You say but what if it does what if we have a chance even a ghost and I say to you

Do you remember when I held you close my lips pressed to yours and you ripped your own clothes off until you suddenly stopped pussies and penises everywhere and everything still you stopped because

you felt a ghost you said Do you feel that and I said Yes I do

Well the only thing I didn’t tell you then is that I saw it and felt it That Ghost and decided to ignore it anyway it was a big mistake to ignore and yet how we loved each other and how much we loved each and every one but we saw a ghost and we knew what the chances were then of anything, then, now, the thrill of the thought climbs up my body from my toes until it reaches my heart and then it can’t decide what to do next it and it just stays right there it looks up and it looks down but it just stays there–it’s crazy making, for sure.

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