Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today I had three thoughts about Scott Walker, the 30th century man, and one thought about Benito Mussolini:

I am so glad that Scott Walker came out of seclusion and admitted that he was first introduced to Jacques Brel by a Playboy Bunny on a rooftop in Berlin who loved to drink Pernod. If he hadn’t admitted it, I think it would have remained his secret forever, which would be kind of sad.

I think that Scott Walker is the only man in the world who never changed a thing about himself and then let his art change all around him. I want to be the next man who does that. Doesn’t everybody?

Scott Walker is the best kind of artist to find by mistake. You first say, “What’s this?” and then you say, “What th---?” And then you start saying little prayers filled with thanks and say “I am glad I didn’t run away”, although to be truthful, " I did think about doing it quite a bit.”

The thought I had about Mussolini I will just keep to myself. There are very few uncreepy thoughts about Mussolini. I would rather just listen to Scott Walker right now.

MMMM. That's nice. Not at all like a Mussolini thought.

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