Tuesday, September 02, 2008



Chapter One

Next to my book about a businessman getting bitten
in the behind by a shark as he crosses the street,

There’s a book about an average American family:
Mom, Dad, Sis, and Rex.

And they’re cupping their ears to hear the sound
of a pea pod bursting open with flavor.

As the farmer holds the bushel of peas steady,
with both hands.

He’s wearing blue overalls and a straw hat.

Chapter Two

Now that the peas have burst open with flavor,
they have been placed in an attractive wooden box–
and they smell delicious!

Dad smiles anticipatorily. Sis smiles, too. And Rex,
well, Rex smiles a dog smile, and looks towards Sis with–
is it longing?

Meanwhile, Mom looks to the heavens, hoping that,
when she dies, she goes somewhere nice.

All Pea Related Images Courtesy of Crispy Flotilla Biodynamic Verse Initiative Inc. Ltd. & Sons

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Peas are highly over-rated.
But - honey!
Honey is another story.

(Sweet work, Crispy)

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