Tuesday, September 02, 2008

THINGS I LEARNED TODAY old things except for one thing

James Taylor has a lumpy brow

Correction: James Taylor is an exceedingly handsome man

If you make a movie in the late 1960’s, and you want to appropriate the argot of the times and you are a little too old to do so, the results can often be a shameful

display of awfulness that isn’t far out

The gas nozzle on a ‘55 Chevy was located in the trunk

The standard color of a late ‘60’s Pontiac GTO was the same color as a school bus, with perhaps a dash more red, and yet more orangey than a Slip ‘n Slide or Water Wiggle.

Little waitresses used to adorn the red and yellow plastic ketchup and mustard containers but I am not certain if it is the same waitress on both the mustard and the ketchup containers, the only difference being the backdrop of red or yellow depending upon the container

Women in their 20’s are mature and old, I used to think and I like to remember that

I wonder how Warren Oates died

I wonder if Warren Oates died

Lemon Boys are mighty fine tomatoes

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