Friday, March 25, 2016

There is a chalet for rent that sleeps six. I am wondering if there is a difference between how many people can live in a chalet and how many people can sleep in a chalet. Which one is more? I think there are more alive than asleep. Or I mean, there can be. Do people sleep on the floor in chalets?

I have a few other questions:

The chalet a cascading waterfall. Or is near one. Are all waterfalls cascading waterfalls? What are they when they stop cascading or perhaps when they rest? Is it another word? Is it lake or river or perhaps rio, like in Spanish?

The chalet has spectacular sunrises. Does it have spectacular sunsets and is the house spectacular in the rain and I always think snow is spectacular and fog too but I hate muggy days.

The chalet has a wraparound porch and a small table with two glasses of pink wine on it. Who drank some of this wine and then left? Was there a fight and did somebody scream and say something bad? I am so glad they didn't break the glasses. The wood on the porch is shiny and fresh.

This house is called a chalet. Why?

What is a chalet? Someone told me: they are from Switzerland. Are they really from Switzerland?

Is it hard to speak French?




Are chalets a good place to learn Hebrew in Switzerland?

Was this chalet ever on a boat from Switzerland?

The chalet has a pebble driveway. I have no questions about that.

Wait. Yes I do. Do people like pebbles?

All people?

Old people?

How old are you now?

That’s a nice dress.

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