Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sometimes people say, “Don’t whine!” But ever since I was a little boy, whenever I heard the word “whine” I thought of rope, and I didn’t know why. Whine, rope, rope, whine. Then one day I realized that rope is something that you can hang yourself with, and that I realized was the connection, and I haven’t thought about rope ever since.


Dogs are the most empathetic of animals, although their coats won’t change to match yours when they realize the source of your sorrow. Humans can be the least empathetic of animals, and they often change coats but their new coats don’t match anything that makes them feel sorrow but they are not thinking about that because perhaps there is a movie they want to see or a show or a new dinner restaurant or anything at all, just so they can get out and stop everything.


Ever since I saw my first ice cube in a glass of soda, I wanted to go to Antarctica. It’s because I saw this beautiful ice cube in my glass and I said WOW and someone else, I forget who exactly, said: “That’s nothing. You should see Antarctica.”

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