Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I made good on my promise and I finally went to the waffle shop. I didn’t know anyone there but they were all quite friendly. I ordered the $3 waffles and the cook thought I had said “I want 3 waffles” and so he made me 3 waffles on his griddle. The waitress said He can’t eat 3 waffles by himself and by then I couldn’t say I wanted 1 waffle not 3 even though I did and so I said Yes I really can and I ate 3 waffles and she smiled and was really impressed and the chef was impressed also but he didn’t smile because he was hot next to the big iron griddle and  I made 2 new friends that day and was sick to my stomach but I like to say that this was not due to 3 waffles but due to angst which I often feel when I have so few friends and start to worry about things and feel like I could use a friend but wait I just made 2 friends that day so perhaps it was not angst at all perhaps it was 3 waffles.

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